Updated: 2013/06/15

Hello there, reader! I hope you're in the mood for, um, reading because here are a bunch of articles I've written on various things!

How to do Asynchronous Callback Functions in Python
A quick example of how to do asynchronous callbacks with multiple parameters in Python.
Google I'm Feeling Lucky in Chrome Omnibar with Suggestions
A quick post about enabling I'm Feeling Lucky in Chrome with suggestions as you type.
A small story.
Actual Town Names in Massachusetts
Seriously, what the hell?
A page of random things my brain has barfed out.
A short rant-ish article on the concept of boredom. It is true, still, that I never get bored anymore.
Consumption, Noise, and Creativity
An essay about media consumption as a ubiquitous and detrimental cultural artifact.
Copyright and American Culture
An essay I wrote for school about how important the sharing of information is in American culture. I was reading Cory Doctorow a lot when I wrote this, okay?
CSS Reboot Redesign
A series of articles I wrote about the brand new site design I did for in the CSS Reboot.
Average People, Exceptional Rocking: Dan Deacon Show Review
I review one of the few concerts I go to.
Delusion, Structure, and Sociopaths
An exploratory essay I did on the nature of delusion, entropy, and sociopaths.
Experiment Time: Turning Left
A pseudo-scientific experiment I conducted where, for a week, I only turned left.
The First Law of Beardodynamics
A humor piece for my campus' humor magazine. Not my best work, but I like it.
Genesis in Rap Songs
A list of every chapter in the book of Genesis (The Bible) with a rap song I associated it with. Quite blasphemous.
I Don't Care if You're an Honors Student
A rant on modern education.
What You Can Learn from Juggling
So bloggy that I want to throw up.
Lesbian Thermodynamics
A scientific theory that successfully predicts that amount of lesbians based on ambient temperature.
Moddled Lyrics
A bunch of songs I changed the lyrics to. A work in progress.
Microsoft Office 2007 Beta Website Woes
A writeup on my terrible quest to try to download Microsoft's 2007 Office Beta.
Nintendo DS Lite Review
A review I did of Nintendo's DS Lite when it first came out.
Pocket Notebook Statistics
Wherein I quantify how many ideas I have in one day.
Old People and Technology
An essay exploring why old people are so bad at using modern technology.
On Greatness
An outline of what I think it takes to be great.
On Productivity and Angst
A personal essay on creative impotence and the anxiety that comes with it.
Me Gusta Bilar
A review of Ratatat's new album, "LP4", also appearing in Northeastern's Tastemakers magazine.
School, Stress, Statistics, and the Pomodoro Technique
A story of how I dealt with school stress, and some statistics from that process.
Sentence-Forming Songs
A list of songs that make sense as sentences when combined with their band names.
That Feeling
A description of the restlessness that sometimes consumes us all.
The New Frontier
An essay comparing the development of America to the development of the internet.
Studies in Usability
Pictures and descriptions of usability failures I see when I'm out and about! Updated periodically.
One day I noticed this ad...
Writing Cycles and Lack of Content
Wherein I mount my lecturn and dole out scoldings to the blogging masses, while purging my hypocritical self.
#xkcd: A Study in IRC Channel Noise
A somewhat scholarly article on the growth of the IRC channel #xkcd, and its corresponding reduction in signal, including attempts at increasing signal.
Good XXX Domain Names to Own
Some funny ideas for XXX domain names.