Experiment: Three Rights Make a Left


This week I’m trying a little experiment. For five days I will not make any right turns while walking. Yes, much like Zoolander, I’ll be spinning frantically to turn 270 degrees on every right turn.

I’m not 100% sure why I would be doing this. Perhaps I’m just trying to be one of those Interesting People which I’ve been so enamored with lately. Perhaps because I’m just trying to be cool. Perhaps I really do want to know what will happen when I do it. I am 100% sure, however, that I will forget that I’m doing this little experiment. From the amount of people I’ve told, I’m sure I’ll be ridiculed at the slightest slip.

The things we do for science.

Bonus quote: “Wouldn’t it be funny if after the week you forgot how to turn right?”


So now the week is over from my grueling experiment. Unfortunately, it just wasn't that interesting of an experiment, with little results to show for my efforts besides the realization that it is very hard to remember to turn left all the time and that we don't make that many concrete turns (pivots) throughout the day. We just kind of drift off and gradually turn. I did manage to remember most of the time, but the first day was pretty difficult and after that it became kind of boring.

The social aspect of it was uninteresting, as well. I rarely got many weird looks (and I was watching for this), and nobody asked me about it. Only the people who I had told about the experiment asked how it was going, and I had to give the same uninteresting results I'm giving here.

The one interesting part of the experiment was trying to make the lefts (in which I had to spin around to turn right) as nonchalant as possible, which is really easy at times, a lot easier than I had predicted.

Oh well.