That Feeling


You know that feeling. You are motivated. You are ready to go. You wouldn't even mind doing work right now. The cogs are turning in your head and you're ready to sit down and do something.

But nothing comes to you. You want to do something specific, but you have no idea what that may be. It might be TV, or it might designing a website. You try everything.

You start playing Half Life 2. Nope. You start playing Mario Kart. Nu-uh. You get 10 minutes into a movie and couldn't care less how it turns out. You start reading and writing, but it's all half-assed because this is not the thing you are motivated to do.

What is this thing, this thing that will cure the boredom? You know it's out there somewhere waiting for you to conquer it, but is it half way around the world or three inches to your left? You have a funny feeling that next year it will be Spore, but until then you're stuck with this feeling.

Oh, the energy is killing you. You surf the net, trying to find a cure, and you figure out one thing for sure.

Blogging is not that cure.