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The Place Where I Put Stuff On The Internet?™

head shot of Glen Chiacchieri Hello, cats and kittens! My name is Glen Chiacchieri and this is my website! This is a public archive of pretty much all the creative stuff I've done, some good and some bad. If you find something interesting, that must have been a mistake so please email me.

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A collection of articles I've written over the years! There is a lot of stuff here! Some rants, some serious, some funny, and some personal.
Some creative writing!
Happens occasionally.
Open-source Software
Open-source software projects I've authored.
Closed-source Software
Software I've written or helped write whose secrets I may not divulge. Consists mostly of my paid work.
A collection of the best photographs I've taken.
Things I've Made
Pictures and descriptions of physical things I've made! Shirts, legos, robuts, graffiti, and more!
Random doodles from when I felt like drawing something! Most are wacky, all are badly drawn.
A comic started in 2006 with currently sporadic updates.
My few excursions into the world of moving pictures!
Light Painting
A collection of long exposure drawings painted with a flashlight, a cell phone, a glowstick, or a flag. There are a bunch of different occasions I've taken these on, including a bonfire. Guys, I highly recommend doing this at parties.
Wherein I test my antigravity device.
A place for everything else! Gifs, games, and more.
My Online Presence
A list of public web services I use.

Oh my goodness what are you doing down here? D-did you look through everything? Already? Oh dear... What are we going to do with you?