Things I've Made!

Last updated: 2013/07/01

I like making stuff! All kinds of stuff! Here is some stuff I've made.

NodeJS WiFi-Extending Robot!

NodeJS WiFi-Extending Robot

A collaborative senior design project. This robot is controlled over WiFi via a web page and extends its onboard WiFi network by dropping repeater units (on the back). The entire thing is written in JavaScript. It has been in Engadget, on SpikeTV, and at several Maker Faires. Click to read more.

Kayak Trailer for a Bicycle

Two sea kayaks being towed by a bicycle

Having access to two sea kayaks but no way to transport them, I built this kayak trailer for my bike so I could go kayaking with my friends.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Cheap magnetic spice rack

I had a pretty simple problem: too many spices, too disorganized. I needed a spice rack for a variety of spices and spice containers. Eventually I found this instructable. It puts the spices out of the way on the unsightly metal fusebox in our kitchen, right next to where we make food. The holes in the pencil baskets also allow us to see what the spice is, even if the container if very small. And all it took was some hot glue and some burned fingers!

Cheap magnetic spice rack

The hot-glued magnets.

Cheap magnetic spice rack

The rest of the kitchen, for context.

Exact Change Holder

3d printed exact change holder

This was my first experiment in 3D printing. It's a credit card-sized organizer for holding the minimum number of coins to pay exact change for anything under a dollar. It holds 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 4 pennies, which allows you to make any amount of change from 1 cent to 1 dollar. Never get change back when paying cash for something again! (Derived from the original.)

3D Presents!

3D Christmas Ornament

I used a 3d printer and this model to make a holiday ornament for my parents!

3D Ruby Gem Jmondo

I also made this "Ruby Gem" for my friend Jmondo using this model!

Wooden Robot!

Wooden Robot

Here is a metal-finding robot made out of wood! I guess that may be ironic. Click through for more details about this project.


Photo Wall

I cut out a bunch of black posterboard and got these photos printed to make this photo wall in my college dorm room.

Tentacle Monster/Sun

I noticed this fixture in my dorm ceiling and decided something needed to be done about it. Colored cardboard came to mind, and so did tentacles.

my desk area

My desk area, with this poster, the photowall from above, and my original idea for the tentacle thing above, made with black cardboard and the fire alarm speaker on our wall.

Dinosaur Comics Poster

Dinosaur Comics T-Rex Poster

I like dinosaurs. I like Dinosaur Comics. I like posters. I like this poster. I made it with The Rasterbator.

Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder Made of Magazines

I had the idea for this when I saw my current plastic magazine holder was holding another plastic magazine holder, which was, in turn, holding magazines. I thought, why not just cut out the middle mag? So I made a magazine holder made out of magazines!

Magazine Holder Made out of magazines holding magazines

It's held together by hot glue. I'm kind of surprised how well hot glue works in general. As for the magazines, half of these are Discover and half are PC Worlds. I no longer read either.

Narwhal Halloween Costume (2008)

The Avenging Narwhal Halloween Costume

A costume inspired by my love of narwhals and this playset, I made the narwhal tusk out of wire, papier mâché, silver spray paint, and hockey tape. I found a really cheap sweatshirt and doused it with fake blood for the full impaling effect.

Update! A dude named Jared who runs the website Head Injury Theater (awesome title, right?) painted this costume! Sweeeet.

Narwhal Shirt

Narwhal shirt

This is a shirt I made using a form of screen printing. It has a Narwhal on it.

Turbine Shirt

Wind Turbine Shirt

Here is another shirt! This one has a wind turbine on it! I really like this shirt. I made it using fabric paint and a stencil.

Election Poster

Emad Sewing Machine Guy Election Poster

This is a poster I made for the class president elections. It has this picture on it and says "Emad Senior President '08-'09". I put a bunch of them up in the cafeteria! They got noticed quite a bit! Sweet!

Lego Car

Lego Car

This is a really cool Lego car I made. It has three gears, rack and pinion motorized steering (with a mechanism to not rip anything apart if there's too much pressure on the rack), and is motorized. So much fun.

Lego Car Side View

Side view.

Lego Car Gearbox

Showing the gearbox.


Lightbox holding a PlayMobile figure

I made this lightbox after I found a tutorial online! It's easy. I cut big holes in a cardboard box with an Exacto knife and covered them with paper towels. Tissue paper could also be used and might get better results. Most of the images I took in the lightbox were too dark, despite having the sun, my desk lamp, and ceiling light on. Oh well, still neat.

Lego Corvette

Lego Corvette

This is a Corvette kit with some INSANE features. It has independent wheel suspension, V8 Motor, 6 speed gearbox with working shift knob, pneumatic gull-wing doors, working steering, and looks damn cool.

Lego Corvette Side View

Side view.

Mix CDs

Mix CD for Jenn

Mix CD for my friend Jenn.

Mix CD for shoofle

Lightwritten mix CD for my friend shoofle.

Mouse Trap Car

Mouse Trap Car

A rat trap car I made for physics. This is a pretty inefficient design, but now I know the best design.

SR-71 Blackbird Poster

SR-71 Blackbird Poster

This is a roughly 6'x4' poster of an Sr-71 Blackbird. I made it using The Rasterbator and school printers.

Here it is on my wall at school!

SR-71 Blackbird poster on dorm wall

Lego Trebuchet

Lego Trebuchet

A Lego trebuchet I made after seeing a full-sized one chuck a piano. I filled the counterweight with pennies, and used some string and part of a potato sack for the sling. It turns out the sling is probably the hardest part.

Wire Guy

Wire Man Coat Hanger

My mom was throwing away this coathanger so I decided to make a little guy out of it. :shrug:

A Fool of Myself

I beat up a bunch of boxes.

Knee box!


Wall of boxes

Boxes used boxes! It's super effective!


It's a boxplosion!

Holy shit, boxes.

Goodness gracious do I ever love this image.