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head shot of Glen Chiacchieri Hello, cats and kittens! My name is Glen Chiacchieri. I've worked at the MIT Media Lab on Scratch, at a wacky research lab called Dynamicland with Bret Victor, and now I'm becoming a psychotherapist. I've made tons of projects over the years and this website is a public archive of pretty much all the creative stuff I've done. Please feel free to email me for any reason.

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Featured Projects

Eyes on the Prize redesign

Eyes on the Prize

An interactive video redesign of a documentary about schooling in the American civil rights era.

Two people playing a game of Laser Socks

Laser Socks

A sweaty game pointing toward the future of computing.

Legible Mathematics

Legible Mathematics

Sketches of an interactive arithmetic for programming.

Fuzzyset, an interactive representation of a code library

Fuzzyset Interactive Documentation

A human-readable interactive explanation of a code library.

Flowsheets screenshot

Flowsheets and Other Observations on Programming Computers

A newsletter detailing progress on my research into programming environments to help beginners and experts create and understand computer programs.

Dictionary of Numbers

Dictionary of Numbers

A Chrome extension that puts quantity in humans terms.

Wifi-Extending JavaScript Robot

Wifi-Extending JavaScript Robot

A quite powerful robot that creates a Wifi network as it drives. A student project.

Screamy Bird, scream to start

Screamy Bird

A game where you scream at your computer or mobile. A SF Stupid Hackathon project. (Try it in Firefox.)

Cute Capitalism Is Terrible shirt

Capitalism is Terrible shirt

A shirt for the cute anti-capitalist in your life.

Poetry Autocompleter

Poetry Autocompleter

Automatic suggestions for writing poetry.

URL Animations

URL Animations

Animations in your URL bar. (Doesn't work in Safari.)

Boston Stupid Hackathon Logo

2017 Boston Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

I organized a "hackathon" where people make useless and terrible things.

More Projects

A collection of articles I've written over the years! There is a lot of stuff here! Some rants, some serious, some funny, and some personal.
Some creative writing!
Happens occasionally.
Open-source Software
Open-source software projects I've authored.
Closed-source Software
Software I've written or helped write whose secrets I may not divulge. Consists mostly of my paid work.
A collection of the best photographs I've taken.
Things I've Made
Pictures and descriptions of physical things I've made! Shirts, legos, robuts, graffiti, and more!
Random doodles from when I felt like drawing something! Most are wacky, all are badly drawn.
A comic started in 2006 with currently sporadic updates.
My few excursions into the world of moving pictures!
Light Painting
A collection of long exposure drawings painted with a flashlight, a cell phone, a glowstick, or a flag. There are a bunch of different occasions I've taken these on, including a bonfire. Guys, I highly recommend doing this at parties.
Wherein I test my antigravity device.
A place for everything else! Gifs, games, and more.
My Online Presence
A list of public web services I use.

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