Closed-source Software

Updated 2014/01/24

This page contains descriptions of software I've written or helped write that is not open source. These projects consist mostly of my paid web application development work in Python, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. Note that the list does not represent the entirety of the paid work I've done, but rather some notable projects. Likewise, the list will not be up-to-date. If you would like to see more of my work and/or skillz, please email me.

Dictionary of Numbers
A tool I invented to help put numbers in human terms.
A programming environment and community site for kids from the MIT Media Lab.
Open Mile
A very large web application I helped build for the freight logistics startup Open Mile.
Northeastern ResNet Timesheet
A timesheet program I built from scratch for ResNet.
Northeastern ResNet Backup Software
Custom data backup solution I helped build for ResNet, Northeastern University's student computer repair service.
Northeastern ResNet Drop
Maintained web-based in-office tool repository for Resnet, Northeastern University's student computer repair service.
Northeastern ResNet Website
Web development work for Northeastern University's computer repair service, ResNet.
Jmondo PC Rebirth
Design mockups for PC maintenance company website Jmondo PC Rebirth.
Trusted Places
Web development work for the places directory website