Open Mile

May 2010 - November 2012

Open Mile carrier home page

For a bit over two and a half years, I worked as part of a team of four software engineers for the freight logistics startup Open Mile. The company was a brokerage, connecting companies that needed to move freight (shippers) with companies that owned and operated trucks (carriers). Open Mile's main product was a set of three related web applications for shippers, carriers, and internal users.

I joined the company shortly after their initial product launch and since then helped build their applications to over one million lines of code and many, many features. I worked heavily with Python, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I tackled a variety of challenges ranging from back-end architecture decisions to customer-facing user interface design to Firefox extension development to custom Amazon S3 tools. In short, I did it all and had a blast doing it. Not long after I left the company, it was bought by Echo Logistics.

Included in my initial offer letter was the stipulation that I was allowed to take on the title "Glengineer" :)