Open Source Software

Last updated: 2013/09/28

This page is a collection of all the software projects that I've released to the open source community.

Most of my open source work takes place on my Github. This page is basically an annotated listing of those projects I worked on.

Node.js Tank Robot
I wrote the software for an awesome tank robot as a senior design project for school and released the code. Not my best code, but it works quite well.
Stop After Track for Google Music
A simple Chrome extension that adds a button to stop playback after the current song in Google Music.
Python US Consumer Price Index
A small library for downloading the latest US CPI data, outputting it as a spreadsheet, and making inflation calculations.
A non-destructive method of finding and altering text in webpages.
A fuzzy string matching for JavaScript.
Ultimatum Game
An online, many-player version of the ultimatum game for a sociological experiments website. Written in JavaScript.
A generic jQuery extension to dynamically fix HTML elements to a page when the user scrolls past them.
My Dotfiles (Github)
A collection of heavily-annotated configuration files that have made my life measurably better.