The Sims Patch Notes

The Sims have had some pretty interesting bugs over the years. For example:

Pregnant Sims can no longer "Brawl."


Sims can no longer "Try for Baby" with the Grim Reaper.

While relatively unknown compared to the Sims, my friend Randy and I have our own life simulation game with its share of interesting bugs. Our game's patch notes are listed below.

January 28, 2014 Patch Notes

Glen Fixed an issue where children will be thrown miles away when told to "get off my lawn" by a senior citizen.
Glen Sims that have been turned into ghosts can no longer be flushed down the toilet.
Glen Babies will no longer mistake the Grim Reaper for their mother.
Glen Fixed an issue with teens.
Glen Sims on drugs will no longer be stuck in an infinite loop saying "whoa..." when they see a streetsweeper.
Glen The dollar bill skin will now be used instead of babies when the "Make It Rain" function is invoked.
Randy Escalators are now limited to finite speeds.
Randy Fire extinguishers now contain a limited amount of foam and can be turned off
Randy Children can no longer be deposited in the bank.
Glen Snowmen can no longer hold or use axes.
Randy Goldfish size restricted to no more than the size of their tank.
Randy Children on bicycles are now mortal.
Glen Fixed an issue where the Grim Reaper could be trapped by a doggy gate.
Randy Sim faces now remain attached when blowing out birthday candles.
Randy All staircases now end.
Glen Refrigerators will now only preserve food.
Glen Sims will no longer worship dogs on bicycles.
Randy Sims who climb bookcases will now age normally.
Glen Hats can now be taken off.
Randy Mailmen no longer deliver lakewater.
Randy Food may now be cut up or chewed before swallowing.
Glen Children's pistols no longer fire real bullets.
Glen Lowered the probability of horses exploding.
Randy Santa restricted to arriving only on Christmas. He will now only enter the house via the chimney and not the furnace or well.
Glen "Have A Teen Party" now only applies to humans.
Glen Sims will no longer switch skins with sharks after visiting the beach.
Glen Sims will no longer try to surf in church.
Randy Pet rocks can still die, but do so silently.
Randy The mail carrier can no longer mail themselves into locked houses.
Glen ATMs will no longer forcibly take money from customers.
Randy The bodies of sims who die in interior hallways will now be removed.
Randy Fixed the issue where doctors screamed constantly.
Glen Mothers will no longer have infinite babies when the father takes off a condom while not wearing one.
Randy Plants will no longer grow in the direction of unattended firearms.
Glen Reduced the force imparted by a dog's lick.
Glen Children will no longer mistake a fire for the school bus.
Glen Pet turtles can no longer operate heavy machinery.
Randy Pets who visit the animal shelter may not adopt pets of their own.
Randy Guns now fire in the direction the barrel is pointing, rather than north.
Randy Santa can no longer vomit.
Randy Blind Sims can no longer pass through closed doors.
Randy Reduced scope and urgency of "build a labyrinth" wish.
Glen Sims conceived on a roller coaster will no longer have upside-down torsos.
Randy Male children are now always visible.
Randy Pet snakes now limited in length.
Glen Sandwiches no longer have the "Try For Baby" motive.
Glen Obelisks can no longer scream.
Randy Septic tank lids now block Sims from falling through.
Randy Plumbing is now finite.
Randy Fixed issue where lawns bled when cut.
Glen Toilets now flush downward.
Glen Turn on friction for spiders.
Glen Firefighters will no longer attempt to put out candles on children's birthday cakes.
Randy Fixed issue where a wolf entering the property caused an unending stream of wolves from the entry point.
Glen City bus drivers will no longer attempt to hire prostitutes.
Glen Batters will no longer attempt to hit a baseball while a player is still holding on to it.
Randy FedEx drivers will no longer attempt exorcisms.