Buttercup Festival Transcriptions

Created: 2011/10/31

Buttercup Festival is one of my favorite comics. It captures moments hilarious, absurd, sad, and sometimes just plain beautiful. Wikipedia may just describe it best: "The comic's humor is marked by whimsy, puns, parody, and a gentle, eccentric madness."

I've often found myself trying in vain to search for a specific comic by a small phrase I thought I remembered from the strip. My frustration at finding no results in these situations led me to take on the task of transcribing the comic in its entirety. That is where this page comes in. Due to the scope of the work, this won't be a pretty page, but it should get the job done.

I used the transcription conventions that the XKCD transcript engine uses. Therefore, labels or text outside of a dialogue have no syntax, (( parentheses )) contain layout meta information, [[ brackets ]] are scene descriptions, character dialogue is given by Character name: dialogue text, and << angle brackets >> are sound effects.

Finally, if you see any transcription errors, of which I'm sure there are many, or would like to send kind words, don't hesitate to email me.


Series 1