Updated: 2013/06/15

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Introduction to Web Programming March 2013
A 5-week crash course I taught for novice programmers covering HTML, CSS, Python, and Django.
5 O'CLOCK? (nsfw language)
I spent hours making this silly Tumblr gif. This is from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Poison Ivy Quiz
Poison ivy varies a lot in appearance. The only way to get good at recognizing it is to see it and similar looking plants in a variety of settings. I made this little game in collaboration with Rosemary Mosco to help build your intuition without all the intu-itchin'.
TV Tropes Matcher
A script written for Mystery Hunt to find the commonalities between media on TV Tropes.
Rhyming Quarterbacks and Countries
In which I spend far too much time figuring out if a tweet is correct.
Twitter Bot: ColonSmellsGood
A bot to retweet people misspelling 'cologne'. Made using Yahoo Pipes and TwitterFeed.
Graph Slider Filter
An idea for a user interface element that shows data graphically as well as filters it.
MBTA Pass Calculator
A little calculator I made to determine when you should buy Boston public transit passes.
Ironic Twitter Bot
A simple Twitter bot I made to replace the word "ironic" in public tweets with the word "erotic". Made using Yahoo Pipes and TwitterFeed.
Ever wonder how large an area you'd cover if you were smooshed down to a 1 atom-thick sheet? How about your length if you were a 1 atom-wide string? Er, no? OK, then you probably shouldn't read this.
Questionable Content Kissing Gif
I don't know why I made this Questionable Content animated gif.
Dinosaur Comics Character Generator
I created the May 30, 2012 Dinosaur Comics Character Generator.
Buttercup Festival Transcript
I transcribed one of my favorite webcomics because no one else had done it.
PDQ Implementation
PDQ is a fun word game you can play with people. I made a version that you can play on a computer or phone. It even has a built-in solver!
Male Modeling
I am extremely attractive and modeled for the XKCD web store.
A Greasemonkey Script to add "'s thighs" after every LiveJournal username.
Trigonometric IDs (PDF)
A PDF of all the trigonometric IDs I had to learn for Advanced Algebra and Calculus.
Physics 1 Equations Cheat Sheet (PDF)
A PDF of all the physics equations I had to know for the Physics 1 final. (No calculus involved).
Nom and Rawr