TV Tropes Matcher


I took place in the 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt, a yearly puzzle/scavenger hunt of insane breadth and difficulty. One of the puzzles I decided to tackle was a maze, of sorts:

MIT Mystery Hunt Will Ruin Your Life

First, you have to figure out what each of these pieces of media are. Then, if you google the title of the puzzle, the first result is TV Tropes. Using the hint, you realize that you have to find the common tropes between adjacent media items and follow the path with only one common trope.

To do this required writing a very quick and dirty python script to get the tropes from the TV Tropes site and find the common ones. And that's what I did! After the hunt, I made it a little better and it works wonderfully. So, for example, you can type in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and "Saw" and see what they have in common! It's pretty fun!

tv tropes matcher

You can download the script right here or view it below!