The Delays - Valentine's Day Gift


So...yeah. I made this video for my then-girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I had all of the ideas in the video in a brief flash of inspiration one morning before classes. It took me about two days to film it using my digital camera and a tripod. It took me about 10 straight hours of editing to finish.

When she saw it, she couldn't stop laughing. She laughed for—I'm not exaggerating—10 straight minutes. She then showed it to all her friends, her parents, and later, her relatives. Everyone has, I'm told, responded positively to it; maybe a little too positively in some cases.

About 6 months later, one member of Delays, the band who did the song, found it and posted it on their Twitter, saying, "AG* This man get's free entry to gigs for life...Genius ;)" with a link to the video. They also said some other very flattering things.

What a bizarre story.