A conversation between soon-departing friends




I like saying your name it feels like a bell


ding dong hello it's sadie

Yeah I dunno about that

it feels like a bell on a far-away buoy on the ocean at night

also, saying your name feels like eating ice cream, but maybe
that's because I'm eating ice cream and saying your name out
loud. I think I get more drunk on poetry than on alcohol.
I hope you are well

Thank you, those are the most unique compliments I have ever

maybe I will name my daughter sadie did I ever tell you I've
always known I would have a daughter, maybe more?

I feel like you mentioned something like that.

I can imagine throwing her up in the air and saying
"saaaaaadiiiiie" with the first part when she was going up
and the last part when she was coming down

your name also feels like that, like throwing a laughing
little girl up in the air

please don't name your daughter after me that would be so


I dunno, what if it's Christmas or something and you mix up
our presents?

is there anything I would give to a little girl that you
wouldn't also want?

You make a good point

I should only be friends with people that would like getting
things little girls would like as gifts so I can mix them up
all I want and everyone will be happy.

we'll all open our presents and they'll be tiny little girl
socks and we'll all be so happy that we'll put them on and
throw each other up in the air while saying each others'
names, up on the first part and down on the next,
laughing our tiny little girl laughs

Now you are just weirding me out a little

saaaaaaaaaaaaaadie Whaaaaaaaat goodnight Goodnight!