The Party


"I'm ready to party!"
I said with a shout
indeed, they agreed,
there's no one in doubt
I skipped to the car
and off with a vroom
to a tiny little house
with tiny little rooms
into the house
the air filled with smoke
raucous laughter abounds
do I ever like jokes
and here I falter
when a girl locks eyes
not limpid or lucid
but with hurricane skies

drawn to her instantly
like a moth to the flame
a terrible gravity
I cannot begin to explain
"I like how you how,"
she said with a grin
"your dubious manner,
your flirtations with sin."

I liked this just fine
though I couldn't parse what she said
wondered what words were coming
from this beautiful head

"some nights have textures"
she stifled a cough
"a certain cool smoothness
that one slips right off."
I was fully perplexed
so I smiled a lot
her words busy buzzing,
like static, forgot
we got in her car,
she talking like fire,
I sat scared in my seat
her mouth full of choir

streets yawned before us
the cavernous roads
till she turned the bend then
and gradually slowed
"enough of this nonsense"
"out of my car"
"I hope you learned something,
you're almost too far."
"I just want to party"
her eyes burning like night
red silence her answer
no longer in sight