I wandered aimlessly through the dark city streets. There was no other way. Beside me, traffic flows. People walk briskly, some on cell phones, others bobbing their heads to music. A few amble casually, drinking in the night or deep in conversation with friends. Only one is standing still. That's me.

A skull's thickness away, my city's own streets bustled. Inside me, memories flow. Thoughts walk briskly, some turning into dead ends, others darting into narrow alleyways. A few more are ambling, caught up in their own world. Only one thought is standing still. How do I get out of here?

It's not that this isn't a pleasant night or that this isn't a beautiful city. It is a wonderful night, the kind you dream about. It is an incredible city, one I would never think of leaving. But I'm lost.

All the streets seem familiar. The glowing signs are there, the gum-strewn sidewalk, that dog that only the city seems to own. It's all there, but... blurry.

I can't quite read the street signs. Every turn I take distorts things a little more. Every person seems more distant. The sounds of the city fall further away with each step I take. So I stop.

All the colors are mixed together and indistinct. The sounds stew together like the sound of a distant ocean's waves collapsing on the shore. Even the air's taste is changing with every lungful. The night remains with its fuzzy lights, but its consistency changes, thickens around me.

I look for an unfamiliar street, something that I can escape to to escape from, but everything that's there I know.

I am thinking now, since my senses have betrayed me, of how I can get out. But even here, this city's streets, I feel reality creeping. It slinks along sidewalks and crosses streets. It splashes up when cars drive through it. It dances along the sides of buildings and strides toward me.

Turning, I begin down another alley, running, stumbling through puddles and over trash cans. I pause at the end, glancing to the left and to the right. From behind, a cool breeze stays me.

Your hand tugs gently on my shoulder and leads me off in a different direction.

And I always thought getting lost in your eyes was just an expression.

Take My Hand by Justin.Williams (source image)

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