Boxing Day


"Ah, it's you again," said Petey Mcdonald, eight, knight errant of His Excellency the Duke of Whale Lord Wellington.

He leveled his sword at the newcomer.

"I will not have you terrorizing this township," Petey said loudly, "As a member of the Duke's Octagonal Table, I order you to leave now or face me in combat."

The newcomer stood motionless, not saying a word.

"If you will not answer me, I will be forced to interpret your silence as a challenge."

The newcomer did not move.

"Well if that is how you want it," Petey said, advancing slowly, "then that is how you shall have it!"

Petey lunged forward with a vicious overhand chop. It came down hard on the newcomer's head, but Petey did not pause. He withdrew his sword quickly, sweeping the blade counterclockwise into the newcomer's ribcage and across his stomach. Off balance, Petey landed a kick in the newcomer's abdomen and rolled backwards.

"What now? Will thy yield?" he called out. The newcomer drooped slightly, but did not reply.

Petey rushed forward, slamming into his opponent. They both tumbled, rolling over one another down a slight depression in the land. Petey gained a handhold on a nearby tree root and caught himself while the newcomer tumbled further. Petey ran after him.

He kicked the newcomer in the side and landed a two-handed blow on his shoulder blades. The newcomer tried to right himself, but met Petey's sword in his chest, launching him into the air. He landed heavily on the ground, and Petey, launching into the air, landed knee-first on the newcomer's chest. He stabbed downwards with his sword, burying the blade to the hilt in his opponent's chest again and again.

Sighing and wiping his blade on the grass, Petey stood up and began walking away, sword dragging behind him in exhaustion. Another township defended. He smirked faintly and looked back over his shoulder.

In the background, a cardboard refigerator box full of holes collapsed in on itself.

in big boy jammies by sesame ellis (source image)

Paraphernalia of a King by shoofle

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