And So It Ends


People panicked, of course, as people are wont to do. The world leaders assured everyone that there was no cause for alarm, but people have surprisingly sensitive bullshit detectors when they are about to die.

So everyone got really upset and angry. Then there were riots, for what reasons no one really cares. Religion came back in a big way, not surprisingly, but so had violent crime. People stole, murdered, raped, and fought more than ever. But even that became humdrum.

People also indulged like crazy. Their thinking was, well, I'm going to die soon, might as well drift a Corvette into the median. What people didn't consider is that they were probably going to die soon regardless of the coming apocalypse, but a delivery date changes everything. Apparently.

And people spent more time with their loved ones, with theirs friends. It's surprising what it takes for some people to really start talking.

So now the meteor sits above out atmosphere, ready to wipe us all out. People are fucking, stealing, eating, listening to music, reading, crying, clutching their loved ones, and generally bracing. Most were frowning. The meteor had an hour to impact. When it reached the atmosphere, it would shatter into millions of pieces and splatter the Earth like a shotgun blast. It was projected that nearly all life would be extinguished. And--godammit, we weren't perfect, but at least we had a good run of it. I would say I'll miss us, but that doesn't really make sense now, does it?

There is hope. On the very same meteor that is about to destroy us, there is a tiny patch of bacterial life. There is life out there. Even if we can't live it, maybe somebody else can.

Another Universe by ~~~Lia~~~ (source image)

Helicopter by shoofle

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