#xkcd Six Word Shorts

Updated: 2008/07/12

A collection of six word stories from the IRC channel #xkcd.

Stereo: Your mother gave me good head.

Bucket: Parsley? Where? I must eat it!

irokie: It was my last home abortion

irokie: then she got dressed. I laughed.

Stereo: Closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nick: maybe now they'll lock their doors

@Glench: oh mickey you so fine, you

Nascia: so fine you blow my mind

Nick: Her eye never looked forward again

Turgid: I got up, then came down.

Nick: Hey, what does this button do?

Hana: I'm sorry, you didnt have to

Hana: my body, your body. One love

irokie: in the end, Vim beat Emacs.

Stereo: Immovable object missing; God implicated circumstantially.

Nick: Turns out fingers don't grow back.

Zack: Question: Do people live in antartica

irokie: At 7 that morning, inspiration died.

Ophichius: Unfortunately, the experiment went too well.

Ophichius: The railgun had some serious bugs.

Stereo: Grandpa died when I was eight.

Nick: No one thought to question the butler.

Hana: Problem in chair, not in computer

irokie: 6 words is just about enough.

Turgid: Sugarplum visions danced in our heads.

Stereo: I did not expect to die.

irokie: and i lived, not seeing candleja--

Nick: Luckily, the gas was not colourless.

Ophichius: The Leopard tank burned brightly underwater.

* relsqui enjoyed brief stories, then slept.

Nick: I left my arm in Belgium

Stereo: My internet deserves to be broken.

RK: They were wrong, it doesn't hurt.

Nick: OK, tell me if this hurts

Eule: Dumpster full - where to hide body?

Turgid: Learned, used hydrodynamic principles. In bed.

Stereo: Fortune cookie found without fortune, unfortunately.

RK: This isn't right. Am I lost?

Nick: the screaming didn't stop for hours.

irokie: when it did, silence was louder

Nadando: the only sound was blood dripping

RK: now silence is worse than screaming

Eule: Let's check industrialbs' pockets for money.

RK: I came, I saw... oh god

Nick: The call was coming from upstairs!

RK: I'm never gonna give you up!

Nick: It would be his final rickroll

Nick: he died as he lived - underwater

Nick: It was too windy for milkshakes

industrialbs: Are we sure bucket isn't AI ? (unintentional)

Nick: The accent was fake, or course

Eule: *That's* when I started to drink.



Nick: For the trees have no tongues.

irokie: Stories are best when succinct, amirite?

Nascia: that seems like a bit much

@shoofle: shoofle's long hair takes over: CHAOS!

@Glench: *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* uh oh

Nick: We won big in court, luckily


Nick: the piercing got a nasty infection

Hana: it's black with blue lace trimming

@shoofle: His head was chopped off.. NOT!

@Glench: no more head, no more problem

@shoofle: The blade drops. Something rolls. Cabbage.

@shoofle: The axe fell, decreasing her height.

irokie: fie on't, hamlet's off his head again.

@Glench: her shoulders were very lonely now

Nadando: Forsooth! For your head is seperated!

Stereo: The margin couldn't contain this story.

@shoofle: "While clever stories fly, I sleep." (rpm)

@shoofle: Never again would I design robots.

irokie: i'm hungry, you're small, let's tussle.

@Glench: I must now go to bed.

Stereo: hippopotamus / is unintelligible / with no consonants

Nick: Glench pulls plug, but public unresponsive

Stereo: nonsensical, yes / frabulous jabberwockies / incarcerate me