Resnet Drop

2009/03/13 - 2009/04/30

Resnet Drop Screenshot

Resnet is Northeastern University's computer repair facility. The drop is Resnet's in-office tool repository where we keep up-to-date versions of all the software we use when working on customer computers.

I took over the working but difficult to maintain drop of my own volition. I drastically improved the documentation and started working on ways to keep all the software up-to-date automatically without any intervention. I eventually discovered a tool called Ketarin that drastically simplified the process. Now, the drop is completely maintenance free.

However, there is a similar repository of software we keep. After reformatting Windows computers, we automatically install a standard array of commonly-installed applications, such as iTunes, VLC, and Firefox. For a long time, this software had to be manually updated. Now, it is integrated into the drop, meaning it is all automatically updated to the latest version and accessible from within our office via the web.

I am quite proud of this achievement, simultaneously fixing two annoying office problems and making the solution maintenance-free.