Story Generator Redesign

December 4, 2015

John Maloney sent an email with a screenshot of a story generator written in GP:

It looked a lot nicer than the Scratch version:

The "list" constructor, variadic blocks, and "at random" function used in GP seemed to really help readability.

I was still dissastisfied with GP's representation, so I made a spreadsheet from the original Scratch project:

In this representation I think it's a little clearer where data "lives" and where it travels to. I think it would be a lot clearer if you could highlight a word in the final story and see it highlighted in the original list.

I was also wondering what a tool for creating a story generator would look like. I quickly mocked up this thing in Sketch:

Lots of stuff missing, but it seems nice to write the story concretely then slowly abstract parts of it.